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Extraordinary Talent Consulting has an experienced team that is intimately familiar with a vast array of human resource related issues, so you always have the advice and solutions you need and can depend on our experience and knowledge. We provide increased productivity for your business through the development of leaders, managers, employees or human capital systems. When you engage us, your business becomes our business.

We have developed several delivery options designed to provide our clients with choice and value. The job is done only when you are completely satisfied that your business has improved as a result of increased performance of your human assets.

Senior Business Partner

The Senior HR Business Partner provides on going support for your business through executive development and coaching. ETC becomes a part of your business and works with your leadership and management teams to improve their effectiveness and the effectiveness of their employees. After an initial "ramp up" period of relationship building and discovery, we work directly with our client's management and employees as well as provide 24x7 management access. Using this solution "your business becomes our business" and our clients receive the benefit of a human resources executive without the high cost.

The Senior Business Partner is more than just advice, we will also deliver best practice solutions that include: training and development, coaching, process design and delivery. This solution is priced on a periodic basis from six months of service and beyond. Performance expectations, delivery parameters and solutions are determined ahead of time to ensure total client satisfaction.

Project Based Delivery Options

In situations where our clients are looking for a shorter term solution, Extraordinary Talent Consulting can provide them on a per project basis.

In order ensure our client's complete satisfaction and deliver the value our clients require, each project is scoped in detail with delivery dates. product and process outputs and pricing agreed upon in advance.

Hourly Consulting Options

We recognize that there may also be times when our clients have a need for a very short-term solution.

Since our goal is our client's complete satisfaction, we offer hourly based pricing to provide coaching, short term support for your business and one time learning, facilitation or team building events. There are even times when our clients just need to talk to someone for some quick advice. For that there is no charge.

transparent Skilz to Go

Time is Money! Never before has this statement been more true.

The dilemma is: "how do I continue to provide skills that will differentiate my company and develop my employees while keeping everyone productive and managing costs?"

Skilz to Go courses are designed to do just that. Skilz to Go provide value to your organization through:

  • Targeted Skill Development
  • Noticeable Skill Improvement
  • Cost and Time Effective Delivery

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