Skilz to Go - Extraordinary Talent Consulting

Time is Money! Never before has this statement been more true.

The dilemma is: "how do I continue to provide skills that will differentiate my company and develop my employees while keeping everyone productive and managing costs?

Skilz to Go courses are designed to do just that. Skilz to Go provide value to your organization through:

  • Targeted Skill Development
  • Noticeable Skill Improvement
  • Cost and Time Effective Delivery

Skilz to Go are skill building courses which accommodate a firm's tight budget and limited time. These courses are designed to increase skills in specific areas for leaders, managers and professionals. Each course is 2 hours in length, which is shorter than most meetings, and produces noticeable improvement.

Skilz to Go sessions are designed to be focused, fast paced, and delivered by an instructor, not a computer. Each two hour workshop is $1,000, and can accommodate between 10 and 20 participants. That can be as little as $50 per person!

Skilz to Go courses are delivered at your site so there is no travel time for your employees. To learn more about our Skilz to Go offerings, click on the selections to the right.

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