Skilz to Go - Executive and Management Assessment for Improved Performance

The Executive and Management Assessment for Improved Performance course focuses on a key to success in leadership and management, self-awareness. Prior to the workshop, leaders and managers will take an on-line survey tool which will provide the insight needed for the session.

The survey focuses on three key areas of leadership and management:

  1. developing a clear understanding of leadership personality traits and the impact they have on those they manage and lead,
  2. an in-depth examination of the leader/manager's reactions under stress which can cause disastrous consequences to the business and their career if left un-checked,
  3. a clear understanding of a leader/manger's core values and their impact on decisions and the organization.

Workshop Objectives:

At the conclusion of this workshop participants will have a significantly increased understanding of their own abilities, values and developmental areas, learn about strategies to overcome the deficiencies and learn how to apply their knowledge to be a more effective leader. (Up to 20 participants per workshop)

An additional cost of $275.00 per participant is required for participation in the survey. Four detailed reports are generated for the leader/manger which will help them build a development plan and act as a reference tool as they progress in their careers.

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