Skilz to Go - Driving Success Through Facilitation

Facilitation is a skill that can be learned by anyone in your organization and will provide your firm, your teams and your departments with value for years to come. Facilitation involves helping a part of the organization achieve results through a process driven dialog. Training your own staff to become facilitators allows you to keep processes moving forward, assist teams and committees that are stuck, and not have to rely on expensive professional facilitators.

Facilitation is an aspect of leadership that provides structure and process to meetings and discussions which are intended to create outcomes for your organization. Skilled facilitators provide structure and process, open dialog, can generate new thinking and can help build relationships.

Workshop Objectives:

At the conclusion of this workshop participants will be able to create an effective meeting agenda, structure a facilitated session or meeting, successfully read group dynamics, facilitate a group to attainment of their goal. (Up to 15 participants per workshop)

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