Skilz to Go - The Effective Management Series for Managers of Managers

With increasing levels of responsibility come increasing levels of complexity. This series of modular workshops is designed to address skills for experienced managers who have progressed into a role where they are managing other managers. Each module is two hours in length and can be delivered in a variety of ways. (Up to 15 participants per workshop)

The Effective Management Series for Managers of Managers addresses four keys to success:

  1. Leading v. Managing - Managers will explore their leadership strengths and weaknesses in the context of leading others in a larger organization. They will learn how they make decisions, communicate information and perform under pressure. In the context of these factors they will learn the impact it has on their direct reports and their organization. They will use this new found information about themselves as a spring board toward understanding and leading their organization.

  2. Building a Micro Strategy - Managers will learn key skills for developing a "micro" strategy in their business which is founded on the macro strategy of the larger organization. Utilizing this newly developed strategy, managers will then learn how to plan and align their resources over a time horizon toward achieving their plan.

  3. Leadership Communication - Managers will understand the key to engaging their team through communication and change management techniques.

  4. Accelerating the Power of Your Organization - Managers will apply what they have learned to their organizational strategy by assessing the strength of their human resources. They will identify gaps, assess strengths and use the power of development, selection and communication to prepare plans for the near term implementation of their strategy.

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