Skilz to Go - Getting Heard (Presentation Skills) Parts 1 & 2

It is a fact that the number one fear for most people is speaking in front of groups. More people fear speaking in public than they do death! Getting Heard will help you conquer that fear. You may get butterflies, but this two-part workshop will help you make those butterflies fly in formation.

The first part of the workshop is designed to help the participant understand who they are speaking to, deliver the most effective message possible for the audience, and learn how to structure the optimal presentation.

The second part of the workshop is designed to help the participants understand their strengths and weaknesses in presenting and maximize their delivery effectiveness by leveraging their strengths. This will also include the successful delivery of a Question and Answer session which can be a critical element in getting your message across.

Workshop Objectives:

Part 1 - By the end of this workshop participants will be able to structure a presentation targeted to the audience through successful audience analysis and proper presentation format. (Up to 10 participants per workshop)

Part 2 - By the end of this workshop participant will be able to manage their fear by understanding their strengths and applying them using physical and technical presentation techniques.

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