Skilz to Go - Increasing Team Effectiveness

"My team is stuck, what do I do?"

"My team is struggling to get along, what do I do?"

Common questions with difficult answers. Difficult, but not impossible. Maximizing the effectiveness of the team is critical to success in the business. The type of team, size of the team, length they have been together are irrelevant when you want to improve their operating effectiveness

Increasing Team Effectiveness will develop team leaders and team members understanding of each other and how they each fit into the puzzle. Once this is achieved, a team strategy is then built to drive the team toward greater performance.

Workshop Objectives:

At the conclusion of this workshop the team will be able to manage their relationships more effectively by having an increased understanding of their team profile and apply what they have learned for more effective problem solving and increased performance. (Participation will depend on team size)

Note: An additional cost of $25 per participant is required for participation in an online team analysis survey. Each team member will receive a detailed report which will help them build a development plan and act as a reference tool as they work together with their team.

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